3 Best Areas to Choose a Hotel in Tampa

There are some great places to stay if you’re coming to enjoy Tampa Florida attractions or even just looking for Tampa airport hotels for an upcoming business trip. Since Tampa is so centrally located, it’s a good place for a home base to visit all of central Florida, and staying in the right part of the city will make a big difference in getting from here to there.

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You can find some great deals on the name-your-own-price travel sites, but you have to know the right area to choose. Do you want to be a quick drive to Clearwater Beach restaurants? Are you attending a trade show at the Tampa Convention Center? Coming to see the Bucs or Lightning win their next championship game? Is Busch Gardens, Princess Cruise Lines or a side trip to Disney World on your agenda? Regardless of what brings you to town there are 3 areas or neighborhoods in Tampa we recommend you stay. These are the areas as outlined by Priceline, but it will give you a good idea where to look no matter what travel site you prefer.

Tampa Downtown – Area 6:

Downtown Tampa and Ybor City Hotels

Includes Downtown Tampa, Harbor Island and Ybor City

Area 6 includes the Tampa Convention Center, Ybor City, Channelside and the new Tampa Riverwalk area. Since one of the best things about Tampa is its vibrant and safe downtown area and this selection puts you right in the middle of everything. Walk to shopping, nightlife, and some of the best restaurants in Tampa Bay from any one of these hotels. Tampa isn’t a big city, so it won’t take you more than a minute or 2 to reach the highways that will quickly take you to Tampa Bay beaches, Orlando’s them parks or just back to the airport.

Tampa Airport West – Area 5:

Area 5 - Courtney Campbell Causeway Area

Area 5 - West of the Airport

The name “Tampa Airport West” makes it seem like this is one of those ubiquitous hotel farms that crop up near every airport. Not true! Area 5 does technically include Tampa airport hotels, but they all happen to be located at the beginning of Courtney Campbell Causeway the bridge that connects Tampa to Clearwater. Feel free to choose a 4 star hotel from you bidding map, because you could end up with stunning water views, amazing sunsets and stay in one of the newest hotels in town too. Tampa Airport West is a great place to base your Tampa Bay travel.

Tampa Airport South – Westshore Area 4:

Priceline Area 4 - The Westshore Business District

Priceline Area 4 - The Westshore Business District

South Westshore Blvd is a real center for business and shopping in the Tampa Bay area and butts up right against Tampa International Airport, so you know you’re close to everything. Area 4 is bordered on the north by International Plaza, a high end shopping mall with a wonderful collection of restaurants in an attached outdoor section called Bay Street, and on the south by Westshore Plaza Mall, which is a great place to shop. In between is the heart of a business district that includes office building, hotels and good places to eat, drink and wind down after a hard day on the road. Area 4 is 12 minutes from Downtown and Channelside and 30 minutes from the beach or Busch Gardens. Choose a 3 ½ Star or above and get a great deal! Tampa provides some great variety in neighborhoods and accommodations and you should choose according your vacation or business plans, but staying in one of these areas will keep you close to everything.