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“South Tampa”, the general area where Soho Tampa is located, when referred to by area residents, is a Tampa Florida attractions neighborhood that starts just west of downtown and is bordered to the North by Kennedy Blvd and by water on all other sides. South Tampa is mixed bag of architecture, incomes and lifestyles that provides a good representation of Tampa itself. This most water-bound part of the City of Tampa is one of the most convenient parts of town to live and play in and it’s residents have a reputation of wanting to stay “South of Kennedy”.

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One of the richest areas of the city, some sections are filled with large restored bungalows and Miami-style Mediterranean homes. Others are influenced by the student population from the University of Tampa, and since MacDill AFB occupies the southern end of the area our military men and women contribute to the resident population as well. Of course, every corner of Tampa is influenced by our Latino roots and growing Spanish speaking population.

SOHO Tampa Bungalow
It seems every city of any size in the US has a “SOHO” district. It can mean anything from the initials for “south of Houston St.” in Manhattan, to the fashion district in London, England where it is NOT an abbreviation. The list of Tampa Florida attractions though, includes Soho as S. Howard Avenue. South Howard is a busy street of restaurants, bars and clubs that runs from Bayshore Blvd along Tampa Bay to Kennedy Blvd. Soho is home to some of the best restaurants in Tampa and makes a great place for a Tampa date night or solo adventure.

Soho living is a just a smaller sample of South Tampa as a whole. There are several large apartment or condo complexes, like the Madison at Soho, for the student and younger professionals right along with the more modern high end townhomes that bring the yuppies in. Go one block in just about any direction and you’re treated to either the million dollar bungalows of Hyde Park or the lower income triplex and duplex homes populated by both UT students and others.

This great mix of people and a reputation for fun and good food make Soho a real Tampa hot spot. If you’ve read anything at before, you’ll recognize several of the restaurants, coffee shops and bars that help give the neighborhood its culinary flair.

Townhouse in Soho
Residents of Soho are typically more interested that going out than eating in since there are so many options within walking distance. You can get Mediterranean, Spanish, Italian and Mexican almost anywhere, but Soho also sports some great Tampa sushi restaurants, Irish pubs and one of the most famous steak houses in the Southeast; Bern’s Steak House.

If locals do decide to hit the grocery store or pick up some pre-prepared meals to pretend the cooked, the Publix GreenWise is a Tampa tourist attraction all by itself. Publix has opened up just a few of these higher end, Wholefoods-style stores in posh neighborhoods around the Florida. The GreenWise Market is listed on their website as being in Hyde Park is actually located right between Howard and Armenia Avenues, making it a Soho property. You can see locals belly up to the salad and Chinese food buffet on a daily basis for lunch and pay for their food by the pound or swing by on a weekend for wine and cheese tastings. Greenwise is actually a popular Soho Sushi Tampa spot. The Tampa attractions part of GreenWise though, is the shopping cart escalator!

GreenWise SOHO Tampa
Tampa’s Soho is not most famous for its GreenWise, bungalows or townhomes. Soho is famous as the street where Tampa residents and tourists alike go to eat, drink and mingle.

The Dubliner Irish Pub

Just come by after 10PM  to Soho Tampa FL on any night from Wednesday to Saturday and you’ll hear competing outdoor live music, see the big screen TVs from the street and mingle shoulder to shoulder with the hundreds of people just out to have a good time.