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We’ve mentioned here before that one of Tampa Florida’s prime Attractions is the cuisine. We’ve got a wonderful mix of cultures in Tampa Bay. People come from all over the world to settle here looking for sunshine, warm weather and beautiful real estate, but one reason they stay for good must be the food. Brunch in Tampa is included in that!
There are plenty of great places to eat in downtown Tampa, St. Petersburg and the restaurants of Clearwater Beach, but the restaurants in SoHo are where to go for Sunday Brunch. SoHo in Tampa is short for South Howard Avenue, a strip of popular places to eat in Tampa that have been featured in local and national media…and for good reason! But there are 2 spots that are especially worthy of that Sunday late morning meal that we’ll occasionally treat ourselves too, in fact, you many find yourself breaking open the piggy bank for an extra trip after you get your first taste. (Check out our new Date Night page for late night options)

The Daily Eats Sunday Brunch
The Daily Eats has been a South Tampa staple for years. It masquerades as a run of the mill diner during the week, but on the weekends the brunch is taken to the next level. Evidenced by the perpetual lines out front, the food on Sunday morning is a real treat. One of our favorite local reviewers/bloggers from did this sumptuous review:

Last Sunday Scott turned to me and said, “Entertain me, monkey!” No, no, that’s a joke, but we did have a little trouble deciding what we wanted to do. Most of our lives together revolve around food. What to eat, where to eat, how long it will take to get to the places we do eat, etc. So I grabbed my Yelp! Bookmarks list and started naming breakfast/brunch restaurants I had thought about trying over the two years I’ve been collecting. We skimmed over a few in Clearwater and St. Pete, but there was a gay pride festival going on which we feared would end up keeping us waiting for hours and hours. Instead we settled on Daily Eats in Tampa. I knew I had never been and Scott thought he hadn’t (turns out when we pulled in he realized he had, but oh well). Reviews looked good and it wasn’t a huge distance. The place was packed! We chose to sit outside on the island bar facing the street. We started with grapefruit mimosas (decliiiious!!) and each had one of the special breakfast bowls. I with “The Boot”:

Brunch in Tampa

SnugPanda's Photo of the Boot

Scrambled eggs with pepperocini, kalamata olives, green peppers, diced tomatoes, and feta cheese on a bed of fresh spinach (pictured first); and Scott with “The Tijuana”: Eggs scrambled with vegetable chili, shredded pepperjack and guacamole, served over homefries (pictured second). I have to say I think I preferred his. I added jalapenos to mine, but they were pickled and just didn’t have the kick I was looking for. Also, the feta doesn’t melt and there was no “sauce”, whereas his had the chili, guacamole and cheese. Either way, they were both delicious and we definitely polished them off! I’d go back again and would like to see what the lunch and dinner menus have to offer. It was a great day.

If it’s not too hot, you should definitely get one of the outdoor tables to watch the jealous pedestrians go by!

I am accused of actually having some ownership in Ceviche’s because it’s become so much of an obsession it appears in just about ever article I do about the best restaurants in Tampa Bay. Not true! I’m just a huge fan. Now Ceviche’s is serving Tampa Brunch and it couldn’t be better!

If  you’re looking for a great plate of pancakes and sausage, Western Omelet of the ubiquitous Belgian Waffle the size of your head, this is not the place for you. Or is it? Why not color outside the lines a little and try something that’s just incredibly tasty, varied and surprising?

Ceviche’s is a Tapas restaurant. That means you get a variety of small plates that are meant to share among everyone at the table. This style of eating completely changes the experience, slows down your meal, and just brings different feel to brunch. You can sit inside and eat on an enclosed, brick lined patio on tiled tabletops..all very Spanish/Mediterranean, or sit out on the outdoor patio next to the fountain if the morning’s cool. The music adds to the atmosphere as they play a  mix of Jazz,Spanish, Arabic and Classical to accompany your meal. It’s hard to pick a favorite dish! We had hummus, sauteed spinach with figs, a tomato-onion-bleu cheese plate to share. We also passed around a French Omelet and Grandma had eggs Benedict with a twist..crab and salmon. We decided to finish off with a pastry basket – amazing! They must have baked these just for us: fresh chocolate cousant, some lovely little danishes and stuffed churos.

Sunday Brunch Tampa

Ceviche's Tapas Bar & Restaurant

I do have an ulterior motive for trying Ceviche’s for Brunch though; their Sangria! I can’t think of any other excuse to drink Sangria at 11AM on a Sunday. It was the perfect match to a savory breakfast.

Ceviche's Sangria

Sangria for Breakfast!


Whether you choose the Daily Eats, or head for Ceviche’s next Sunday morning, you’ll be eating at one of the best restaurants in Tampa Bay for 2011. Luckily, they’re right down the street from each other on S. Howard Avenue!

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